HR Assessments

With the Human Resource Assessment, you can learn where you are, prioritize what you have to do, and improve your organization’s efficiency and bottom-line.

Evaluate, Identify Risks and Improve Your HR Practices in…
The Hiring Process
Compensation and Benefits
Employee Relations
Discrimination and Employee Rights
Workers Compensation
Employee Performance
Training and Development

How the Assessment Works
We spend considerable up front time working with our clients to understand their situations, defining our scope and methodology, and agreeing upon timing and deliverables.

The Assessment is a process of examination: policies, procedures, and practices. The purpose of the Assessment is to identify strengths and weaknesses in the human resource system. The Assessment works as follows:
Interview key staff
Review relevant documentation – policies and procedures.
Help you complete a comprehensive questionnaire
Prepare a written report for your organization
Make specific recommendations to improve the efficiency and performance of the HR function.

After the Assessment
Dennis Dahlman Consulting will help you align human resources with the mission of the School District. We are available to help you prioritize and implement what you chose to do. The final report will contain recommendations for follow-up and a suggested work program. Our goal is to find ways for you to improve service and save dollars through best practice implementation.