About Us

Dennis Dahlman formed Dennis Dahlman Consulting, LLC in July 2004.

Dennis has over 30 years of experience in human resource and labor relations management with extensive experience in collective bargaining, labor relations, compensation, fringe benefit design and administration, and human resource policy development.

The experience is critical. Combining it with Dennis’ passion and focus on helping organizations design and implement high-quality, cost-effective human resource programs makes him invaluable in your organization. Through his work as an administrator, consultant, and facilitator he has helped many districts save hundreds of thousands of dollars in their employee fringe benefit programs and staffing models. He has an incredible track record of creating “win/win” solutions.

Dennis is committed to aligning human resources with the mission of the organization.

Dennis has worked with many organizations to build capacity within the HR department and build bridges to employees and line managers. He understands that listening, caring and responding to employees and empathizing with them remains a centerpiece of HR work. His experience has been that listening to the “employee voice” generates new ideas, encourages innovation and delivers results.

Over the last several years, his interest and work has focused on helping organizations develop work forces for the future, the execution of strategy by aligning HR systems to help accomplish the organization’s vision and mission, and meeting customer demands. Dennis has helped many HR professionals understand the need to coach leaders and take responsibility for positive team relationships.

Dennis enjoys a reputation as a change agent, innovator, and talent developer. He values and understands the importance of the HR function. He has helped many organizations set priorities, make decisions, communicate, manage change, and define results in terms of value-added for taxpayers, customers, managers and employees. He is a member of several state and national organizations including the Twin Cities Personnel Association, Hennepin County Bar Association and the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan), a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law ( St. Paul, Minnesota), and a Post-Baccalaureate in Social Studies Education from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

He was the Director of Human Resources for the Hopkins Public Schools (1977-2004) and the Assistant Director of Personnel for the Anoka-Hennepin Public Schools (1975-77).

Dennis Dahlman’s distinguished 35-year career-to-date has focused on public education, including his academic preparation at Michigan State University (Bachelor of Science and Master of Labor and Industrial Relations), William Mitchell College of Law (Juris Doctorate) and University of Minnesota (Post-Baccalaureate in Social Studies Education) and his leadership positions in Minnesota public school districts and educational associations and his advisory / consulting work for many Minnesota school districts. In his work in human resources and labor relations, he has supported and partnered with leadership in all public school functional departments including business, facilities, instruction and curriculum with the overall goal of continuously improving student achievement.

Prior to founding Dennis Dahlman Consulting in 2004, Dennis was the Director of Human Resources for the Hopkins Public Schools (1977-2004) and the Assistant Director of Personnel for the Anoka-Hennepin Public Schools (1975-77). The Hopkins Public Schools is a public educational organization with approximately 1300 employees serving 8000 students. Dennis was responsible for all human resource and labor relations duties which include: labor negotiations, contract administration, employment, wage administration, grievance administration, human resource planning, affirmative action, and employee benefits administration.


Wage Administration
Market Research
Alternative Compensation Design (QComp)
Pay Equity Administration

Fringe Benefit Management
Health Promotion
Consumer-Driven Medical Insurance Model
Shared Resource Administration

Labor Relations
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Collective Bargaining Strategies
Master Agreement Administration
Grievance Administration

Organizational Development
Review of HR Systems and Processes
Role Development
Performance Management Systems
Executive Coaching
Diversity Needs

Workforce Planning
Recruitment and Selection Strategies
Development of Staffing Systems
Succession Planning
Employee Orientation

Supervisory Training
Proactive Labor Relations
Performance Evaluation Systems
Employee Selection

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
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